Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Feature of the Week - Marble

Ahh, Marble. A Classic. Timeless.

There is a Large variety to choose from. It is used in many different areas, bathrooms, foyers, kitchens, etc.

The Classic - Carrara White (above)

Emperador Dark (above)

Cedar Oniciata (above)

Botticino Fiorito (above)

Blended with Glass & Metal (Silver Lining 1x1)

A fun blend of Carrara & Glossy & Frosted Glass Circles

(White Dove 4x12 Border)

A Blend of Marble with Stainless Steel (Frosted Birch 1x1)

China Black Marble in a linier blend with

White Glass (frosted & glossy)

(Dreamy Clouds - Random Brick)

The Marble look is Very popular! And there is a vast amount of Porcelain Tile made to look like marble at a Fraction of the price. (pictures won't do it justice)